Chris Watts, Mainsail Trimmer and Helmsman

Though born in Canada, Chris was raised in Southern California. He was competing in club races on various types of boats.  He moved to Santa Cruz to build sailboats. He worked at Santa Cruz Yachts when the SC52 was built and the last of the SC70’s. Bill Lee purchased Merlin and made a few changes to the sled and Chris began sailing on Merlin in its current configuration. Chris was a member of the crew for the historic 40th Anniversary of Merlin in the Transpac in 2017. It was after this race that Bill Lee decided, once again to sell his famous sailboat and Chip Merlin happened upon the listing. When Chip went to Santa Cruz to see Merlin, Chris took him out on the boat to introduce the Merlins to one another and show him what the boat was best known for–going fast and having fun. So, when Chip decided to become the ninth owner of the original 68 Merlin, Chris was like a gift with the purchase.

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